Sexual misconduct | What do 1 in 5 Brits get up to at lunch?

What do 1 in 5 Brits get up to at lunch?

While most workers may spend their lunch break eating a sandwich, browsing the internet or shopping, a new study by Tic Watches found that a large proportion of professionals utilise this mid-day break to do something far more questionable.

The study revealed that almost one in five (18%) of workers admitted to having sex with a colleague whilst on their lunch break – with Monday lunchtime being the most-utilised period of meeting for this.

And whilst the range of workers who admitted to performing such acts in the workday is broad, those working in the fields of media and marketing were found to be the most likely to fall victim to their carnal urges – 21% revealed that they had performed sexual acts between the times of 11am and 2pm.

On the opposite end of the scale, civil servants and accountants were amongst the least likely professionals to take part in lunchtime sex, with only three per cent admitting to doing so. And whilst Monday was the most popular day, the study found that by Thursday, workers were ‘too tired’ to utilise their lunch hour for such activities and as such, the day sees the least lunchtime amorousness, with only 56% choosing to utilise this time compared to 80% on a Saturday.

Whilst a LoveHoney study conducted in 2019 found that Dagenham is the UK’s most sexually active city, it seems that Bristolians are the most likely to ‘find romance’ over the lunch period, with nearly a third admitting to hooking up at this time.

However, those from Norwich are keeping their eyes on their work; only 13% of residents admitted to following suit.

The top cities for such activities, according to the Tic Watches research, are as follows:

  1. Bristol – 30%

  2. Glasgow – 26%

  3. London – 24%

  4. Birmingham – 21%

  5. Edinburgh – 20%

  6. Manchester – 17%

  7. Southampton – 16%

  8. Leeds – 15%

  9. Newcastle – 14%

  10. Norwich – 13%

“Sex has many benefits, and one of the main is that it’s a massive stress reliever,” explained Asa Baav, Founder of matchmaking site Tailor Matched. “With the pressures of deadlines, meetings and growing to-do lists, it’s easy to see why we opt for a quick lovemaking session over lunch to release some tension.”

Should HR tolerate these activities?

Whilst it’s not illegal to perform consensual sexual activities in the workplace, it’s almost definitely against the corporate policy of the company. Inter-worker relationships are often seen as gross misconduct as they can cause serious morality issues, especially between managers and workers.

Sally Laughton, Employment Solicitor at Andersons Solicitors in Nottingham, told The Guardian: "Whether your behaviour justifies instant dismissal would depend on the circumstances. Holding hands or briefly kissing may be seen as inappropriate but won't justify dismissal, whereas more explicit behaviour might."

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