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Office design & employee experience

Over the past few years, employers have turned their attention to making workspaces more aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically friendly in a way that appeals to a diverse workforce – with a view to boost productivity. Some of the trendiest and largest employers in the market are kitted out with breakout rooms, quiet zones, mood lighting, meeting pods and bars, which are stocked up for a midday tipple, to keep employees engaged and to promote a positive employee experience.

In this week’s episode of HR on the Grapevine, we unpick the issue of office noise and design and the impact that this has on both productivity and employee experience. Sophie Parrott, Online Editor at HR Grapevine, sits down with Dan Cave, Head of Content at Executive Grapevine Digital Media, to discuss the impact of office design on productivity and whether eating at desks – a term informally known as ‘al desko’ – really is tainting productivity or just helping employees make it through the day.

They take an in-depth look at one of HR Grapevine’s recent stories: regarding an employee who was reported to HR for ‘chewing too loudly’. While the dobbed in employee claimed that the employer operates a food-orientated culture in a Twitter post, and that they actually provide employees with snacks throughout the day, the disgruntled employee referred to as 'Amy' recorded a food diary which logged what time her colleague snacked and how it was impacting her productivity.

Listen on to find out more. 

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