Intuition | Is it OK to trust your gut with a big decision?

Is it OK to trust your gut with a big decision?

When it comes to making a decision, some leaders use previous experiences to help them decide, while others rope in seasoned entrepreneurs to influence their thought process and others rely on their gut instinct. Yet, some leaders may try to avoid decision-making based on gut instinct over fears that this is inherently biased or based on emotion, according to Harvard Business Review.

But, it seems that gut instincts can be useful, particularly when uncertain circumstances arise, and a split-second decision is needed. By trusting your gut in certain situations, leaders have the freedom to move forward because they are able to make a decision and move on – regardless of whether the outcome is positive or negative. But before deciding whether previous experience or gut instinct should be relied on, it is crucial that business leaders consider how the decision is made.

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