VW executives told staff to 'continue concealing', FBI alleges

VW executives told staff to 'continue concealing', FBI alleges

Executives at Volkswagen allegedly told employees to continue to cover up emissions cheating prior to the scandal being exposed, the FBI has claimed.

The Sunday Times’ Driving section reports that leading executives at the firm ordered the “continued concealment” of the device which was allegedly used to cheat emissions.

This emerged after FBI officials arrested Oliver Schmidt, who worked in Volkswagen’s regulatory compliance office in the US, charging him with conspiracy to defraud customers.

It is alleged that Schmidt and fellow Volkswagen executives made a presentation to top management at the firm. The FBI claims that during the presentation, they “assured VW executive management that US regulators were not aware of the defeat device”, so read the FBI filing.

“Rather than advocate for the disclosure of the defeat device to US regulators, Volkswagen executive management authorised its continued concealment.”

Last year, the former CEO of Volkswagen resigned over the scandal, having issued an apology for the emissions cheating.

In his apology, Martin Winterkorn said: “I apologise sincerely to our customers and the regulatory agencies and the public for this misbehaviour.

“Please believe me that we will do everything to undo the damage that was done. And we will do everything to win back your trust step by step.”

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  • Jay
    Thu, 12 Apr 2018 8:59am BST
    I'm not sure what's more wrong with the world:
    VW's cheating and animal testing or the poeple who are now still lining up to buy their cars?

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