The 10 feelings of going back to work after Christmas

The 10 feelings of going back to work after Christmas

The return to work today has heaved us out of our beds, welcomed us with icy conditions, and a to-do list we can’t digest as easily as mince pies.

And whilst wishing for another day to catch up on Sherlock, drink the last bottle of red wine and inhale the Christmas cake won’t be granted by Santa – you’re not the only one experiencing both heartbreak and a hangover.

Determined not to be sucked into the same old January blues routine, we’ve selected the best and worst moments of coming back into work after a week of festive absence.


Felt like today's commute was comparable to trekking beyond the wall today? It just makes getting out of bed doubly hard when it’s dark, freezing and slippery on the journey in. Take extra care this week on the way in - forecasters have warned that roads may be dangerous, following sub-zero temperatures.

2. Do I have to talk today?

Most co-workers are braving a smile today, greeting each other merrily through gritted teeth and exchanging niceties about Christmas and New Years to ease into the day. It’s unavoidable to sit silently in the corner, drowning out the chit-chat and have a cheeky ten winks – as much as you’d like to.

3. More tea please!

Ah, the most British way to deal with anything slightly displeasing – reach for the teabag. Plus it’s the next best thing we can sip on in the office.

4. What!? Scotland has another bank holiday!?

Okay, I guess we shouldn't moan as we get a four-day week, but we still can't help being green-eyed at those in the land of Loch Ness gaining an extra day.

5. Self-pity

When the Christmas stories are exchanged and you realise how sociable and productive your co-workers are (or pretend to be), when you’ve made no effort to hide the fact that you’ve gained five pounds and completed a jigsaw puzzle over the period, you can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for yourself.

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