Who would you recruit? Buddy, Cindy or Santa?

Who would you recruit? Buddy, Cindy or Santa?

Companies across the UK are suffering with a lack of Christmas spirit, according to new research carried out by Willis Towers Watson. The survey showed that less than a quarter of companies are throwing an office Christmas party, and only 15% are giving out Christmas bonuses.

This calls for a new profession – someone needs to spread some Christmas cheer around UK offices. And with new jobs on the horizon including ‘Chief Happiness Officer’, who’s to say there shouldn’t be one solely for Christmas?

Introducing, the Christmas-spirit Specialist…

Job Specification

  • Diffuse all negative atmospheres within the workplace
  • Ensure each member of staff is elated with Christmas joy
  • Encourage a more fun and less stressed attitude towards working over the Christmas period
  • Have experience with spreading festivity

It’s now time to get out of the pre-Christmas rut, and to recruit a temporary professional Christmas mood setter in UK workplaces, and we have the perfect three candidates to choose from – but who would you recruit?

1. Buddy the Elf

If anyone knows how to get people into the Christmas spirit, it’s Buddy. With a catchphrase like “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”, he would have no trouble entertaining and relaxing staff, and getting everyone into a festive mood.

His innocent and sweet charm will make him a refreshing part of the team. They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know- Buddy is in with the man himself, Santa. Recruiting Buddy will give you an automatic connection to ensure all your hard work this year is rewarded.  He also has an incredible knack with Christmas decorations, and can easily decorate the office to the point where Christmas spirit is inevitable.

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