Diageo's Head of Talent Engagement: 3 ways HR can stay ahead

Diageo's Head of Talent Engagement: 3 ways HR can stay ahead

The workforce is constantly changing; old roles are being automated and new roles are being created.

Businesses are constantly changing their strategies, their structures and, by proxy, the skills they need from their employees. This in-turn presents the challenge for HR to stay ahead and help the business to stay agile.

For Diageo, this is about recruiting new digital talent and working in different ways. Andrew Porter, Head of Talent Engagement at the alcohol beverage company, says: “We have to get better at being a joined-up organisation, to address some of the big challenges we face.”

To address this, the company that owns brands such as Smirnoff, Guinness, Captain Morgan and Johnnie Walker, has linked talent to achieving its overall Performance Ambition.

Porter, who will be speaking at HR Grapevine’s annual event ‘The Magic of HR’ in March 2017, says that this success comes down to three simple steps.

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1. Partnership
In order to truly stay ahead in these turbulent times, Porter believes “it is about partnership in two ways; both with the business and, first and foremost, with our colleagues across the entire HR function because I think we still sit very much on the outside of HR as specialists.”

He explains that those that specialise in a particular area, be it engagement, resourcing or reward, have to ensure there is effective “partnership with HR, when they’re doing strategic long-term planning about organisational design; where the business is going; and what the business needs.”

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