Founder of The Supper Club: Let's redefine our relationship with Millennials

Founder of The Supper Club: Let's redefine our relationship with Millennials

A lot of research has been done around the generation of Millennials entering the workplace. For example, four out of five (79%) 16-24 year-olds, value long-term career enjoyment above earning a large sum.

In addition, the survey from the Institute of Management at the University of St Gallen found that over half of Millennials (55%) want a career which has good opportunities for personal development over holding a senior role (30%).

We spoke to Duncan Cheatle, Founder of The Supper Club, Co-Founder of StartUp Britain and CEO of a learning and recruitment platform, about what employers can do to better attract more millennials. One way is by helping them to equip themselves with the (hard and soft) skills they’ll need.

“The ‘soft’ part is vital,” he explains. “Given that ‘intangibles’ (like initiative, resilience, collaboration and self-awareness) are now cited by countless fast-growth employers as more important than grades, practical skills and technical knowledge, we’ll start to see more recruitment methods focus on this and on matching against values.

“Even the largest accounting firms, some of the biggest graduate recruiters, are now hiring at 18+ and prioritising business acumen and soft skills over academic results. Young hires rarely emerge from school with all the employability skills they need, so we need to steer them before we need to hire them.

 “A new breed of highly interactive learning and recruitment websites is changing the way we prepare ‘contenders’ in good time for the jobs they’ll soon be applying for.  It’s a longer term approach that enables employers to build a year-round profile full of bespoke learning recommendations and skills advice for the students/first jobbers they’ll eventually hire.

 “Truly proactive employers are starting to think beyond the transactional 30-day job ad and create a year-round employer brand that’s visible, accessible and attractive.  Quite simply, it’s a more likely route to unearthing candidates whose values and aspirations are a genuine match.”

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