Coaches Corner: 3 ways HR can improve performance and motivation

Coaches Corner: 3 ways HR can improve performance and motivation

It’s widespread knowledge that employee satisfaction and performance can directly impact business success. 

This engaged and motivated workforce, as a result, is more likely to share the same business objectives and values; thus, delivering a better customer experience as a result.  

But how can employers improve performance and motivation? 

Speaking to HR Grapevine, Paul Devoy, Head of Investors in People at Investors in People, the UK Government owned firm that is nationally managed by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills and supported by the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills, discussed how to make this so.  

1. Develop strong and inspiring leaders   

“Every business needs good leaders to thrive but this won’t happen over night. Employers need to introduce training and development strategies that help build leadership capabilities throughout their organisation. People at every level, from senior mangers to junior employees, should be equipped with the right skills, knowledge and support to thrive in their role. This will help to develop a culture of motivation and commitment driven by individuals with the skills to lead others. 

“Employers should evaluate their own leadership style and ensure they set a positive example. Everyone needs a role model and this will help employees understand what’s expected of them. It might sound simple, but people will be more focused, committed and productive if they believe in their manager's ability to support, lead and develop them.” 

Devoy's next tip can be seen on the next page. 

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