Why employee screening is of increasing importance

Why employee screening is of increasing importance

In the political world, it appears that candidates pasts are often unpicked after they’ve already entered the leadership race.

Although businesses are usually savvy enough not to take this risk, almost half (48%) of HR professionals in the UK do not rigorously check the validity of an applicant’s qualifications.

Martha McKinley, Employment Solicitor at law firm Stephensons, spoke to us about the importance of employee screening in the recruitment process: “The employer needs to establish through their selection process who they think is most suitable for the role.

"Beyond that though is the need to find out, as far as possible, whether this person could potentially cause difficulties with other staff, suppliers or clients and whether there is potential for them to damage the reputation of the company in some way. Employee screening can help to establish this and minimise the risk of what can often be costly recruitment mistakes. However, it is essential that such checks are carried out within the law, in an ethical and non-discriminatory way, and are relevant to the job role in question.

“Thorough employee screening can help prevent problems before they occur. A number of candidates do not have privacy settings on their Facebook and other social media accounts, and in some areas of work a simple internet search can help verify claims made by an applicant on their CV.”

To explore this issue further, read our feature on employee screening in our latest edition of HR Grapevine here.

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