4 leadership rules for the ultimate staff away day

4 leadership rules for the ultimate staff away day

When it comes to team building, there’s a right way and a wrong way of doing things. Throwing yourself and your team into an out of office activity can be an ideal way to facilitate change and encourage thought leadership.

We spoke to Gordon Rudow, Director of Organisation Engagement and Jeremy Morgan, Partner at Lippincott, a creative consultancy, who explained how to execute the “art of the beautiful off-site”.

“There are numerous barriers that prevent us from realising the beauty and possibility of these events,” the pair explained, “from strategic vacuums to one-way PowerPoint presentations that would sap the energy of any group. Planning for and designing these events are rarely a priority.

“But in this ever-quickening world where change is the only normal, the company off-site can have, if we could just think about it a little differently, a truly unique power.”

Rudow and Morgan went on to explain four different dimensions that the ideal staff away day should contain, and how exactly these off-sites help executives to accelerate and break out of their shells.  

1. Removing armour

“Removing our armour creates new levels of connection and brings teams together in deeply meaningful ways. Vulnerability authentically modelled from the top can change the nature of how a group interacts. In the beautiful off-site, a leader’s disclosure of imperfection can cause a whole room to approach tasks with the beginner’s mind.”

2. Disrupting patterns

"It’s surprisingly easy to disrupt existing patterns, but it needs to be a conscious decision. Discovering the right new pattern begins by taking an empathetic view. Applying the principles of anthropology, ethnography and design thinking, you’ll recognise the deeper motivations of the participants, assess the trajectory of the current patterns and identify the gaps and solutions to bridge those worlds. This is where the creative process begins."

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