Write blog posts not just job posts

This year’s Candidate Attraction Survey of over 600 UK recruiters (51% agency, 49% in -house) provided a number of interesting insights. One of the most intriguing being: if you blog frequently you may get an increase in both the quality and the quantity of candidates you attract.

The survey asked recruiters to rate their sourcing channels for the quality and quantity they generate. The survey also looked at the recruitment marketing techniques recruiters are currently using - and the frequency with which they are carried out.

The results show that blogging as a recruitment marketing tool is not yet widespread. Only 15% of in-house recruitment teams and 31% of agencies are posting blogs at least once per month. However, those that post more frequently (at least once per week) rated their careers site or website higher in terms of the quantities and qualities of candidates it generates. Even those who blog less frequently reported a candidate uplift above those who don’t blog at all. 

So, does blogging more regularly mean you attract more talented candidate? Although we can’t be certain that this is causality rather than coincidence, it still provides food for thought for recruiters looking to engage more regularly with their talent pools and passive candidates.

Providing regular, valuable content is something that marketers have increasingly been focused on in recent years – ‘Content Marketing’ is the new norm. Provide help rather than hype. Content Marketing for Recruitment is still in its early days, but those that have started on the journey may already be reaping the rewards.

About the survey

Over 600 UK based recruiters (49% in-house, 51% agency) were surveyed to determine the candidate sourcing channels and recruitment marketing techniques that are working best for their organisation. Sourcing channels surveyed include: company website / career site, existing candidate database, professional social networks, generalist job boards, specialist job boards, employee referrals, CV databases, and online and offline advertising.

Sourcing channel quadrants for sectors & company size

In-house and agency recruiters were asked to rate each of their main sourcing channels in terms of the quantity and quality of candidates that they typically generate.  The full report charts responses within a ‘Sourcing Channel Quadrant’ visually enabling recruiters to identify the effectiveness of each channel in each sector / industry and based on company size.

Request your free copy of the 72 page 2016 UK Candidate Attraction Report at https://eploy.co.uk/ca16.

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