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23rd & 24th Sept 2020

5 Ways Recruitment Software Can Support Fast Business Growth

Promoted by 5 Ways Recruitment Software Can Support Fast Business Growth

When your company is growing at a rapid rate, it’s an exciting and positive time. However, if you’re working in HR, it can leave you feeling stressed and constantly busy.

With the increased pressure to source the talent who will enable your business’ continued growth, there’s a strong chance that these recruitment demands will drain a large proportion of your time.

So, how do you avoid an HR meltdown?

Technology can help to relieve some of the pressures associated with fast business growth by automating any time consuming administrative tasks, leaving you to focus on more important matters.

Whether you’re a standalone HR Manager or you work as part of a small team who are already snowed under, recruitment software, such as an applicant tracking system (ATS), can be incredibly valuable.

As such, we’ve compiled a list of five ways that recruitment software can support your business’ growth:

1. It can help to reduce your time to hire

If your business is undergoing a period of growth, you’ll probably be feeling the pressure to recruit new members of staff, quickly.

An applicant tracking system is a fantastic tool for streamlining your recruitment processes and helping to reduce the amount of administration that often gets in the way of screening and interviewing candidates.

Software can automate many of the manual tasks associated with recruitment, allowing you to spend more time gauging whether candidates are suitable for your business or not.


2. It can create talent pools

When a candidate applies for a role through an applicant tracking system, their details are automatically stored. This is particularly handy if you have a talented candidate who’s a great cultural fit for your business but perhaps isn’t right for the role that they have applied for.

As candidates’ details and CVs are automatically stored within the system, you’ll be able to refer to their application if another role pops up that you think they would be suitable for.

Having a database of candidates provides you with an existing pot of talent that you can contact should another vacancy arise in your business.


3. It can grow with you as your business needs change

New features are constantly being added to recruitment software, meaning that as technology progresses, systems will continue to be updated, ensuring that your needs are always met, even as they evolve.Some forms of recruitment software are able to grow and develop with your business. For example, Webrecruit’s Fusion can accommodate an unlimited number of HR users and hiring managers, meaning that as your team expands, they’re able to access the system for no extra cost.


4. It can give your employer brand a boost

An attractive employer branding proposition can give your recruitment efforts a real edge over your competitors. Recruitment software can have a positive impact on your employer brand in many ways.

Firstly, it can hugely improve the candidate experience. The majority of applicant tracking systems are mobile optimised, meaning that the application process will be fluid and easy to complete, regardless of the device that applicants are using. Candidates are also kept fully updated throughout the recruitment process via the automated communications that can be sent with the click of a button.

An applicant tracking system can also perfectly complement your company’s careers site, which is the perfect place in which to talk about your employer values, goals, culture and benefits.


5. It will minimise your spend

If you have a number of vacancies that you need to recruit for, outsourcing the task to agencies could end up costing you a lot of money.

Whilst recruitment software will be a short-term expense, you’ll reap the benefits on a long-term basis, as it will enable you to source talent directly and reduce your agency costs.




Looking to learn more about how applicant tracking systems can support your business growth? Request a demo of our Fusion software or find out more information today.

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