'Prioritizing wellbeing' | Thomson Reuters launches sabbatical programme and expands Work from Anywhere benefit

Thomson Reuters launches sabbatical programme and expands Work from Anywhere benefit

Thomson Reuters has announced the launch of its new sabbatical programme and the expansion of its Work from Anywhere benefit for employees, as the firm strengthens its position as a leader in employee wellbeing.

The Canada-based content-driven technology company's new sabbatical programme, which launched in mid-September, will enable employees who have worked with the company for at least three years to take up to six months of unpaid leave every five years.

Additionally, in an expansion of Thomson Reuters existing Work from Anywhere programme, employees can now work up to four weeks of their eight-week annual allowance outside of their country of employment.

The new initiatives demonstrate the company’s commitment to strengthening its position as a leader in work-life flexibility and wellbeing and builds upon new benefits introduced at the same time as Work from Anywhere in February 2022:

  • Caregiver paid time off – Employees who need to care for an immediate family member in the event of a serious medical condition resulting from injury or illness may take up to 10 businesses days of paid leave

  • Enhanced bereavement leave – Employees may take up to 10 business days off to grieve, attend funerals and take care of personal matters relating to the death of an immediate family member. In the event of a death of an extended family member, employees may take up to three days paid leave

During the pandemic, Thomson Reuters introduced two global mental health days of paid annual leave – one in May and one in October. These are now a permanent fixture. Thomson Reuters also signed the Mindful Business Charter, joining over 100 professional and financial services businesses, aiming to drive actions and changes to enable people to speak up about any concerns about their wellbeing, or that of their colleagues.

Mary Alice Vuicic, Chief People Officer at Thomson Reuters says: “Stepping back and thinking about this Great Reflection period, there is no one lever to pull to help employees thrive both personally and professionally. Employees know this and are looking beyond compensation to seek employers providing flexibility, prioritizing wellbeing and mental health, delivering growth and development opportunities, embracing diversity and inclusion, and creating an opportunity to work towards a higher purpose.”

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