Workplace of Now | How do we define a healthy workplace?

How do we define a healthy workplace?
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In this installment of our special "Workplace of Now" series presented along with Zellis, podcast host Erik Niewiarowski speaks with Gethin Nadin, Chief Innovation Officer at Zellis to define what comprises a healthy workplace.

The pair discusses how the pandemic has impacted workplace health when it comes to individuals, teams and company culture, the role HR teams play in fostering employee and company health, and the markers of a healthy organisation.

About Zellis

Zellis are the UK and Ireland’s leading provider of payroll and HR solutions. They have over 50 years of heritage and industry experience – and have been ahead of the curve throughout.

Their focus is on delivering successful partnerships with customers, helping to deliver successful business outcomes, provide modern and intuitive digital experiences, and – most importantly – make every employee feel appreciated for the work they do.

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