Leadership Survey 2022 | Must-have skills for leaders to engage, create and retain top teams

Must-have skills for leaders to engage, create and retain top teams

The ‘Great Resignation’ continues – the pressure on burned-out teams is intense. So how can your organisation develop leaders to support, engage and retain your talent? Our Survey reveals the skills and character traits of 2022’s most effective leaders – and how organisations can build them now.

Wellbeing, engagement, talent retention – in today’s high-stress workplace, the three-go hand in hand. So, how are you developing your leaders to ensure these three elements drive, rather than hinder your performance in 2023?

At a time of worker burnout where excessive voluntary resignations are the norm, how are you equipping your leaders to reverse that trend? Are they creating a healthy workplace culture that supports and builds high performing teams?

Wilson Learning Worldwide and Training magazine’s sixth annual survey reveals the top skills and character traits behind 2022’s most effective leaders.
It also reveals the five steps every organisation should be taking to create high-performing leaders, the data and analysis is drawn from the record 820 L&D professionals who took part.

To discover how the results should influence your development strategy, download our free Leadership Survey 2022 results e-book now.

So, what did we find? This year, we focus on the results that will help you retain your valuable talent – prioritising the skills and capabilities that effective leaders need, as organisations grapple with the costly challenges of high attrition and the shortage of good hires.

Our Survey confirms the pandemic’s significant impact on leadership effectiveness, as leaders juggle multiple work environments and the pressure that brings.

No surprise that when asked to name future priorities, participants flagged the need to develop remote / hybrid leadership capability as critical new skills.

The results also reveal the top five-character traits leaders need right now.

And what about preparing the next generation of leaders? Wilson Learning’s Leadership Survey 2022 results e-book spotlights the pivotal role executive involvement and management support continue to play – and provides a roadmap to reverse the ‘Great Resignation’.

Want to know 2022’s priority leadership skills and five practical steps to develop them now? Download our Leadership Survey 2022 results e-book here or click the button below.

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