Insight | Losing your top salespeople? Adopt this L&D strategy and cut the churn

Losing your top salespeople? Adopt this L&D strategy and cut the churn

The cost of doing business is rising. The fight to retain top talent intense. Right now, every organisation is grappling with the same challenge: how to run a tight ship while continuing to develop their best people, within the context of ‘flexible’, post-pandemic, work-life demands.

It’s a tough call. So how do you stop the churn of those whose frontline results directly impact your bottom line?

Equipping sales teams with the right tech, tools and processes is a start, but what if it’s not enough? Fingers may point in L&D’s direction to take decisive action to ensure key financial and strategic goals aren’t missed.

In our experience, the L&D focus on building a digital sales capability within the business often misses the mark, primarily because the digital strategy has been developed in isolation. Overlook the sales methodology at your peril, when effective, it enables teams to nurture the productive customer relationships on which all new (and repeat) business is built.

To succeed today, organisations must create a digital Sales development strategy that enables teams to grasp the process and methodology of selling. Our free to download e-book shows you how.

Process, methodology: what’s the difference? While the sales process specifies the ‘what’ of selling, the sales methodology defines the ‘how’. It enables teams to boost sales and generate that precious ‘buzz’ of winning, by strengthening the salesperson’s mindset and skills.

In sales, intention is a powerful tool. A laser-like focus on what matters most to your customer, backed by unique insights and your organisation’s experience in resolving similar challenges, is vital.

Salespeople with this mindset believe they win only when they advance the customer’s business. They are committed to helping the customer succeed.

The skills and approach your salespeople use to engage your customers – also plays a pivotal role. Most business buyers want a ‘trusted advisor’ who adds value to their business, not someone who’s just trying to make a sale.

L&D functions who not only grasp this shift in approach and mindset, but act to include it in their digital Sales development strategy will increase their company’s bottom-line sales. Good for talent retention, good for customers and good for your profile with your bosses too!

Want to know how to create an impactful digital Sales development strategy for your business – including the 4 keys to transformative digital sales training?

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