Disruption and uncertainty | How to develop leaders in the face of Covid-19

How to develop leaders in the face of Covid-19

The pandemic has brought the type of leadership organisations have under the spotlight. The reality is, leaders who were already effective shine more brightly today than ever – but at the same time, the harsh light of day has exposed poor leaders as ineffective, or potentially toxic.

So, how do you develop leaders who your people will want to follow? Good question. Especially as the current crisis has radically accelerated the shift to new, more flexible ways of working, often under the cloud of redundancies and restructuring – leaving many organisations with an ‘energy crisis’ in their teams.

Yet it’s your leaders who have the greatest opportunity to influence your people’s energy and engagement. Why? Because leaders either put energy into, or take energy out of an organisation. At their best, they engage others and drive performance. Their impact can be a potent force in your success.

So how do you provide effective leadership development across all levels that is consistent yet expertly targeted, due to the unique challenges that each level faces?

Wilson Learning’s experts Tom Roth, Michael Leimbach, PhD, and David Yesford understand this issue – and how much is at stake. Their insight is founded on extensive experience which shows that effective leadership requires both skills (‘Form’ or what you need to DO as a leader) and character (‘Essence’ or what you want to BE as a leader).

Our experience in leadership development has taught us that to become a leader others’ choose to follow, requires that we focus on both the development of leadership character and the different skills required to meet the challenges unique to each level of leadership. Leadership development is often cited as one of the highest priorities for an organisation, yet most development efforts only focus on one half of the leader – their skills.

Wilson Learning’s Leadership Development Framework provides a structure by which L&D can begin to look at the unique issues and challenges leaders face at the first-level, mid-level, and executive level of leadership. The framework also allows you to take into consideration the development of character as well as the specific skills required at each level.

Separating and clarifying each level of leadership, gives an organisation the framework they need to create and implement their own targeted initiatives, a key step in achieving the culture and results they are looking for.

Want to know more about why the right development framework will help you achieve the calibre of leadership you need? Download our ‘Mastering the Role of Leader’ e-book, here, for free.

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