Talent Development | 4 ways to master employee growth and development with AI

4 ways to master employee growth and development with AI

Amid the whirlwind of today's job market and ever-evolving economy, one critical key to an organisation's success emerges: empowering employees with growth opportunities that both entice top talent and secure the future of your business.

As millennials and Gen Z progressively make up more of the workforce, investing in their career growth has become crucial to the future health of any organisation. In fact, 74% of Gen Z and millennial workers are willing to leave a job if the company doesn't invest in employee growth and development, according to an Amazon-commissioned study.

To stay ahead, HR and business leaders must adapt to the changing landscape and invest in modern approaches and technology to foster sustainable and systematic employee development. With the emergence of new AI tools, employee skills and learning have entered a new era of intelligence and people-powered innovation.

Let's explore four key trends that can help future-proof your workforce.

1. Adopting a skills-centred working model

In the face of rapid technological advancements and evolving workforce needs, it's crucial to embrace a skills-centred approach. That means identifying and prioritising the skills of your workforce. By mapping individual skills to specific roles, your organisation can align its talent with business objectives and help ensure a more agile and adaptable workforce.

2. Finding untapped development

Traditional methods of mapping skills to job titles can be time-consuming and inefficient. Using AI-driven solutions for this purpose can help you recognise and use employee strengths more effectively. This enables individual growth and development opportunities that align with employees' personal and professional goals, fostering a sense of engagement and motivation.

3. Aligning strategies and business goals

Collaboration between employees, managers and the greater organisation is essential for driving employee growth and achieving business success. By setting shared goals and establishing mutual benefits, you can maximise employee potential through skills-based development. A collective effort like this can foster an environment that supports continuous learning and growth and pay off for both the employee and company.

4. Empowering workers to reach their potential

AI-powered tools offer tremendous possibilities for optimising employee growth and development. By identifying employee skills, organisations can empower employees to take charge of their career advancement based on their strengths and growth opportunities. This encourages a self-driven approach to development that allows employees to work towards their goals while contributing to organisational success and growth.

Employee growth and development are non-negotiable for business success. By embracing skills-centred strategies and AI-driven solutions, organisations can help employees reignite their passion for work while boosting business results.

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