CV | Copywriting for recruiters: A practical toolkit

Copywriting for recruiters: A practical toolkit

Think about the worst CV you’ve ever seen.

  • Strange formatting? Check.

  • Awful spelling? Check.

  • Clunky grammar? Check.

  • Flat, boring and irrelevant? Check.

And you know how, when you get a CV like that, you can usually tell within seconds that it’s not worth pursuing?

Jobseekers and hiring managers do exactly the same thing to recruiters. They skim your not-so-carefully crafted mass mail and decide you’re not worth the effort. They stumble on your yet-another-identical job advert and decide the job’s not worth their time.

When it comes to improving recruitment delivery, all the talk’s about recruitment technology that transforms you into an effective, efficient recruitment machine. That’s true: recruitment tech is cool, and is exciting, and does have explosive power to transform the industry.

But software is only part of becoming a better recruiter.

The first – even main – way jobseekers and clients (whether external companies or internal hiring managers) interact with you is through your writing, whether that’s your careers page, job ads, social media, InMail or email.

Copywriting’s often undervalued for recruiters but it’s an explosively powerful skill. If you want…

  • More inbound job applications from better candidates

  • More headhunt and InMail responses

  • Better biz-dev email responses from clients

  • A better relationship with hiring managers; less push-back

  • More engagement on your social posts

  • More referrals from your passive network

  • A better reputation amongst hiring managers, clients and candidates

  • More respect – fewer ‘problem’ clients, managers and candidates

To find out the three absolutely essential copywriting tips you need to master, to start the applications, replies and referrals rolling in, click here or the button below:

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