Process | Crafting the right RFP for Global Mobility Management technology

Crafting the right RFP for Global Mobility Management technology

If you’ve ever been part of issuing or responding to an RFP (request for proposals) then you know the process is no joke. A lot of time and effort goes into crafting the RFP questions, taking information meetings, and ultimately reviewing and selecting a vendor. The same can be said for those responding to an RFP.

If you’re looking to issue an RFP to purchase a global mobility management platform to manage your global assignments and employee relocations, there are some key items to consider before constructing your RFP to ensure you end up with the best software solution for your needs.

Start by outlining the goals of your mobility program and how they fit into the goals of your broader organization. How will your global mobility management solution help achieve those?

You should also consider how the software will automate or eliminate certain day-to-day processes. Further to this point - how flexible is your organization in shifting how you work if doing so will unlock greater value from your software solution?

Are they any “must-have” technical specifications a solution you purchase must contain? For example are there certain security items that must be in place - like support for single sign-on - or are there certain other HR systems your GMM platform must be able to integrate with?

Once you’ve outlined these key items above with input from the broader global mobility stakeholders you can start to think about individual features you’d like to see in your solution.

For more information and sample RFP questions, download Topia’s recent ebook: Key items to consider when issuing an RFP for Global Mobility Management technology.

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