Transformation | Innovation generation: the big HR tech disconnect

Innovation generation: the big HR tech disconnect

Thomsons Online Benefits’ brand new research looks into the state of the HR technology landscape today.

The research reveals that there is a big disconnect between the way HR professionals view their use of technology and the reality.

Organisations recognize that technology has transformed the HR and employee benefits landscape—enabling and empowering professionals working in this sphere to play a strategic, global role within their organizations. But more needs to be done.

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  • The HR strategy shift: 1/3 of HR professionals class themselves as tech innovators, with an increased focus on the employee experience.

  • HR tech needs to catch up: 68% say that the biggest barrier to more tech investment is that the tools on the market today are not fit for purpose.

  • Data and analytics: Over the next three years, nearly every organisation will collect vast amounts of employee data, transforming the HR and benefits function and those who work in it.

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