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The integrated solution

The use of HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance (T&A) software is nothing new and there is a great choice of systems from a broad selection of providers. But many systems are stand alone and don’t offer the benefits that can be enjoyed when using a fully integrated solution. Integration ensures that information is consistent across all the systems in use. And, where information is updated automatically, there is a reduction in workload for staff that may be inputting changes multiple times in disparate systems.

When integrated systems are combined with automation, both the system and user can reach maximum efficiency. For example, integrated software can collect, track and manage working hours and associated pay, freeing up the user to work on those tasks that cannot be automated. Data can be analysed in real-time, enabling managers to review and approve working times for payroll processing with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Automated systems can help track time in several ways, such as reading a magnetic stripe or bar code on the employee’s ID card, biometric information or times logged via employee self-service or an App. Whatever method is used the data is readily available for inclusion in the payroll and, when using an integrated payroll system, an immediate benefit is the significant reduction in paperwork. No more printing of paper timesheets or separate data input. Once the data from electronic clockings is in the system it will automatically be available for pay calculation and subsequent creation of the BACs file(s) for payment. All relevant pay details are then automatically available via self-service, giving the employee secure and immediate access to their payroll records, reducing the need for paper payslips/P60 and reducing calls to an overstretched HR team.

Relieving the HR team of time-consuming administrative tasks is another big benefit of a fully integrated HR/Payroll/T&A solution. Information from HMRC, allowance and benefits data etc. only needs to be entered once into a single interface. Staff can then turn their attention to broader and more strategic activities, such as new and more efficient ways to recruit and retain the best for your organisation. An automated, integrated system will also help to ensure that you comply with relevant legislation such as the working time directive and more effectively manage overtime and other associated costs.

Scheduling and handling leave requests promptly and efficiently is an important element in maintaining a satisfied workforce and when employee satisfaction increases, issues like a high staff turnover can dramatically decrease. With automated systems and self-service interfaces, it's possible to quickly review and approve requests and manage planned absences across teams to minimise the impact on operations.

An integrated solution can also help improve data security. HR systems contain highly sensitive information and through integration into a single, secure system you can help lower the chance of a data breach and eliminate the errors that can arise when using different, unconnected systems.

Using an integrated solution can make it easier for both employees and managers to access information on demand; saving time and enabling them to make informed decisions. Managers can also feel more confident that they are viewing up to the minute information in real time.

Enjoy the benefits of integration and don't let manual or separate time management processes impact productivity. A HR system that is fully integrated with both payroll and T&A will help you successfully manage routine processes, minimise internal inefficiencies and retain an engaged workforce.

Frontier Software’s ichris (International Comprehensive Human Resource Integrated Solution) is a proven solution that delivers modularity, flexibility and functionality and is continually evolving to meet client expectations in the age of technology. Fully integrated HR/Payroll and T&A options deliver secure access to extensive information. With a choice of on-premise, cloud and mobile options, users benefit from real time data analysis and reporting. For further information contact Frontier Software at, email [email protected] or call 01276 456902.

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Frontier Software is an established provider of a global HRIS, offering integrated modules across all aspects of human resource and payroll management. Used by organisations in the public and private sectors, ichris (International Comprehensive Human Resource Integrated Software) is a functionally rich and truly integrated solution that is available on-premise or in the cloud and accessible from a range of devices. Payroll processing services can also be provided.