Technology | 2019's Top HR trends & challenges… and how HR tech can help

2019's Top HR trends & challenges… and how HR tech can help
2019's Top HR trends & challenges… and how HR tech can help

As we look back on an eventful 2018 in the world of HR, it’s important to recognise the trends and challenges for HR professionals; and the learnings we can take from them as we progress through 2019.

We’re all looking to prove ROI, increase efficiency, improve processes, plan ahead and engage our people, but what else is on the agenda this year?

Top 3 HR Trends

As usual, in 2018 we conducted our annual HR trends and challenges survey to understand the upcoming trends over the next 12 months, and have just released our findings. Here are the top 3 trends you said were your focus for the coming year:

  1. Employee experience

  2. Workplace connectivity and collaboration

  3. People data and analytics

These 3 focus areas help to build a bigger picture for HR as they’re closely interlinked and can have a big impact on your business. By utilising people data and analytics, you can make improvements to your current processes, which allows you to find ways to improve workplace connectivity and collaboration across all areas of the business.

This in turn helps to enhance the employee experience, helping people feel more productive and supported within their roles, and creates a more engaged workplace culture. More engaged people are more positive and less likely to think about leaving which drives employee retention and maintains talent and knowledge within the business.

Measuring this comes down to having accurate and easy to access data for your people. Live, cross departmental data is the key in 2019 to really making smart decisions and proving the ROI of HR across the business.

Poor technology and outdated systems

Poor technology and outdated systems were highlighted by you as a challenge in our industry survey. When we previously conducted this survey in 2017, inefficiency and excess admin came out top, so this shift is a signifier that as HR professionals you are feeling the negative impact of poor and outdated technology and systems, halting your progress on improving efficiency and reducing admin time.

Making technology improvements by selecting the right HR Software can directly help you to tackle some of these challenges; as well as free up HR teams to focus on more productive and value adding tasks and priorities. But where do you start in the vast world of HR tech?

Start making improvements with the right tools

Improvements in your HR technology can help you to make some real positive changes both from an efficiency and people perspective. Having the right HR software in place can transform the way your business operates and really aid positive employee communication and engagement.

By providing you with the data insight and knowledge to make more informed decisions and driving cross-departmental collaboration, it can step change your ability to truly understand your people and their challenges. Offering data backed opportunities to boost productivity and enhance the employee experience that you may not have been aware of before.

With such a vast range of HR systems on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start, so we’ve created a simple downloadable guide that takes you through the different questions to ask yourself when choosing HR software, to ensure you really focus on selecting the right one for your business needs, now and in the future, and you know how to get the backing you need from the wider business to make it a success.

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