Why is celebrating work anniversaries important?

Employee anniversary recognition is all about the moments that matter. It’s about simple things. In our personal lives, we celebrate milestones like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, graduation dates, and winning the big game - why not celebrate the ones in our careers?

Work anniversaries are a chance to recognise your employees for all their hard work, their accomplishments and celebrate the opportunities that are ahead. So, forget cheap wine and chocs, develop an entire culture that revolves around employee recognition and appreciation.

What are Employee Anniversaries?

It’s just what you think! Employee anniversaries (also know as Long Service Awards) are the celebration of years of service. Your employee’s anniversary is annual, each year they’ve been employed with your company. Whether you are celebrating one year, five years, or even 20 years, there are big milestones that directly impact the employee experience.

There isn’t just one way to celebrate. You can celebrate an employee’s first year, third, fifth, 10th, 15th, 20th, or more! However you choose to recognise the service and tenure of your employees make sure it is done in a meaningful way.


Why is Celebrating Work Anniversaries Important?

Your company’s greatest asset is its employees.

The average person spends over 90,000 hours at work over a single lifetime. Can you imagine spending all that time, if not more, in a stagnant job with leaders who don’t value you? Companies that show appreciation and recognise employees’ hard work will likely notice a boost in engagement, their company’s culture, and overall satisfaction.

Think about the following scenario.

Congratulations, you just made it to your 10th year at your company! That is quite an achievement, but your boss didn’t recognise it. Perhaps you got an E-card or a brief shout out in the team meeting. But that was all after you spent a decade putting forth dedication, effort, and hard work.

That is approximately 2,250 days. And about 18,000 hours.

How would that make you feel? Probably underappreciated, undervalued, and unrecognised.

Benefits of Work Anniversary Recognition

The benefits of implementing employee anniversary recognition can dramatically lead to a healthier, more engaged company culture.

Improved Retention

On average, companies see an 18% turnover rate each year. Employees are more likely to stay when feeling appreciated, valued, and have growth opportunities. The first work anniversary is crucial in the retention of great employees. Show your employees that they matter from the start!


Company Culture

Building a culture takes time and a lot of effort. But it’s worth it! Fostering a workplace environment that focuses on recognition is a great way to ensure that your company culture has longevity.

Increased Engagement

Companies that implement a variety of strategies that benefit employees are likely to see improved employee engagement. From celebrating work anniversaries to offering career development opportunities, engaged employees are often motivated to take on more responsibilities and participate in the workplace.

Better Employee Experience

Employee anniversary recognition is an opportunity to provide positive interaction. Celebrate the moments that matter to build an experience that employees will want.

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