Rescreening | Steps to a safer workplace

Steps to a safer workplace

Threats such as occupational fraud are estimated to cost businesses £3.2 trillion worldwide, and therefore organisations are under significant pressure to do all they can to mitigate risks.

The Individuals that make up a workforce are dynamic and so too is the risk they may pose. With many businesses dealing directly with the public and vulnerable groups daily (and even if they aren’t), it may be more important than ever to ensure you put into place the right processes. While an initial background and identity check is a great first step to lay a robust foundation of trust and safety, many employers are choosing to introduce a rescreening programme that keeps pace with the lives of their employees to help safeguard their people, culture, and reputation.

What is Rescreening?

Rescreening is the process of performing background checks on employees after a certain period of time, during their employment. This may be six months, a year, or even five years. While an initial background check provides you with insight into a candidate’s history at that point in time, rescreening goes beyond this, providing the opportunity to update an individual’s record with any relevant findings that may have occurred during this specified period.

Failure to keep pace with the lives of your staff could seriously impact your organisation’s reputation, culture, and ultimately the bottom line. That’s where a robust screening programme could play a critical role – Access your free copy of our rescreening considerations checklist.

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