Background Checks | What does BPSS, BS7858, SMCR and DBS mean?

What does BPSS, BS7858, SMCR and DBS mean?

Within the employment and screening world, many acronyms and terms exist which can cause confusion.

With the aim of simplifying complex screening standards, whether that’s the BS7858 Standard which is much more than a combination of letters and numbers or understanding what BPSS actually means, Sterling is here to help you. In our latest blog, we bust screening jargon to explain:

  • What a BPSS Clearance is, it’s main purpose and what checks this consists of

  • What BS7858 means, it’s key aim as well as the requirements of the standard

  • The basics of the SMCR regime and helpful resources Sterling can offer

  • The three levels of a DBS check and the roles these may cover

While some may look familiar to you, our blog will give you a detailed insight into BPSS, BS7858 and more.

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