Recruitment effectiveness | Background Checks and the Practical Steps to a Frictionless Hiring Programme

Background Checks and the Practical Steps to a Frictionless Hiring Programme

Reducing friction in the hiring process has long been a major objective for employers, but as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and look to attract a diverse and increasingly remote workforce, it has perhaps never been more important.

In this webinar, we highlight a number of practical steps all hiring organisations should consider to create a frictionless hiring programme. From Right to Work and identity verification to criminal record checks, our experts will explain how background screening can play a part in enabling a simple, remote hiring programme and not become a barrier.

Join us to understand:

  • The new hiring landscape and the impact on attracting future talent

  • Practical steps to limiting the barriers when hiring a new candidate and how to get them in day one sooner

  • Considerations around candidate experience and why communication is key

  • Where background and identity checks come in to play and how to ensure they are a seamless part of your hiring program

Featured Presenters:

Steve Smith

Managing Director


Samantha Vaughan

Director - Product


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