How to handle bullying in the workplace

How to handle bullying in the workplace
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We live in a new world of work where soft skills, emotional intelligence and informality have replaced old hierarchies dominated by a command and control style. But bullying and harassment have stayed with us. It's become more hidden, more complex, more personal and painful. Bullying has a smiling face.

When it comes to bullying, every organisation is in the spotlight.

It's easy for an organisation to shout about its zero-tolerance position on bullying. Too easy. It's not going to help. On the one hand it makes employees less likely to speak out. Bullied staff are already three times less likely to make a complaint (according to the CIPD), due to feelings of embarrassment and the fear of worsening relationships and threats to their job. And it only makes bullies change tactics to stay under the radar.

Access our free guide about dealing with bullying in the workplace which provides lots of information including policies, communication and training and how to develop a culture of respect.

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