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RoleMapper's Guide Job Architecture

Regaining control of a Job Architecture can be a daunting task. RoleMapper’s Guide to Job Architecture focuses on the key steps to put you back in control.

How to build a robust and agile Job Architecture

This guide offers practical insights and recommendations for HR professionals to design and maintain an effective organisational architecture.

You will learn:

  • The importance of a future-proofed and dynamic job architecture

  • It benefits and the key steps to creation and implementation

  • The need for a job architecture to support job catalogue, job families and job levelling

RoleMapper is an AI-powered job description management solution

RoleMapper eliminates the cost and time burden on Reward and HR teams. Our proprietary AI and advanced Natural Language Processing can transform your existing job titles and/or job data into a robust, future-focused job architecture and job titling framework.

Our team of experts work with you to design an AI-enabled solution or service that best suits your business requirements, giving you an accurate and fit-for-purpose representation of your organisation for strategic business and people initiatives.

How RoleMapper helps with Job Architecture Implementation:

  • Create, consolidate, and harmonise your job architecture, grading and levels

  • Streamline and automate the creation, editing and governance of job descriptions

  • Automate the scoping of jobs to sync into your job evaluation process

  • De-bias and design inclusion into all your jobs

  • Manage varying compliance and pay transparency requirements

  • Easily manage and adapt your job architecture and job descriptions

  • Extract and map the skills across your jobs

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RoleMapper equips HR and Reward leaders with the fundamental building blocks of any workforce strategy. Our AI-powered platform enables organisations to clean, update and manage their job architecture and job data, as well as automate and connect the creation, editing and management of job documents, including job profiles and job descriptions.

We provide actionable intelligence, creating, shaping and enriching an organisation’s culture and driving long-term business success.