Solution | Recruitment Problems? Recruitive Solves Them All

Recruitment Problems? Recruitive Solves Them All

Recruitive has created a streamlined end-to-end recruitment solution that makes the recruitment process a lot simpler, keeps you one step ahead of your competition and helps you save time and money in finding the new additions to your team that will drive your business forward.

There are three main difficulties in recruitment:

  1. Attraction: making them aware of you and giving them reasons to apply

  2. Engagement: communication is vital throughout the recruitment process

  3. Hiring: turning the right candidate into an employee

Let’s take a look at each of these points and see how Recruitive has made the entire process easier from start to finish.


With 18 years’ worth of experience of being at the forefront of recruitment website design, you can be assured we know a thing or two about attracting candidates. Recruitive will design and build a fast, secure, responsive and fully GDPR compliant website that will suit all of your needs.

Your new bespoke website will include the very latest in cutting edge recruitment software technology, yet it will be simple to use and fully updateable thanks to its content management system. It will be compatible with all mobile devices and tablets. It will have the necessary XML sitemaps to enable Google for Jobs compatibility. It will allow you to post your vacancy on over 1800 jobs boards and social media pages with just the push of a button. The Applicant Tracking System means you will be able to create talent pools and quickly find the details of anyone on your database. All of this functionality and more!

We will also design and create your branded social media pages, linked seamlessly to your new recruitment website, to keep you in the public eye and help attract the best talent your industry sector has to offer.


Communication is vital during the recruitment process between the three main stakeholders:

  • The Candidate

  • The Hiring Manager

  • The Recruitment Team

Recruitive has designed industry leading cloud based software that keeps everyone in the loop. Our award winning Applicant Tracking Software is the most advanced and most efficient of its kind that you will find anywhere. Our software ensures everyone knows what is going on at any given time. There are templates for every conceivable kind of letter you may need to send out and the ability to easily automate it all.

Proper engagement with the candidate leaves them with a good impression of the professionalism of your organisation so, even if they are unsuccessful this time, they will be more likely to reapply for the next position to come along.


The final step is hiring the most suitable candidate, the one who most closely fits the parameters you set when you prepared your recruitment exercise.

Recruitive has created bespoke Onboarding Software designed to be seamlessly integrated into our Applicant Tracking System. This allows you to create checklists, request references, generate employee contracts, generate automatic emails, generate SMS replies, produce progress reports, schedule interviews, generate whatever documents you need and send them automatically to whatever department needs them and much more.

Recruitive offer End to End Recruitment Solutions including ATS Software, Cloud Based Recruitment Software, Onboarding Software, Careers Websites, Ongoing Support and Search Engine Optimisation Support and Marketing Services.

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