Recruiters must adapt to changing jobs market

Recruiters must adapt to changing jobs market

The job market is changing and HR professionals need to be highly responsive, flexible and competitive if they want to attract the most talented and compatible candidates.

That’s according to David Lahey, VP of International at Jobvite who says the recent UK budget announcement and positive employment figures reported within it proves that recovery is well under way.

UK unemployment is down to 5.7% and the number of people working is now at an all-time high. In addition, the latest unemployment forecast suggests that the level of joblessness will go down to 5.3% this year.

Together, these figures show that as many as 1,000 new jobs will be created everyday across the UK. Speaking exclusively to HR Grapevine, Lahey says: “With this number of jobs opening up, we can see a shift from an employers' market to one that belongs to the candidate.

“The savviest recruiters today are using new recruiting tactics. They are creating strong employer brands - giving real personality to their firm as an employer - and promoting this through social - and mobile-friendly campaigns. These tactics are invaluable, especially if you have a small recruiting team, as they empower individuals to reach the company’s overall objectives of hiring.”

However, Lahey says that many HR professionals are still finding their way with innovative and disruptive referral and social media technology. “It’s a critical journey to undertake as it will help recruiters bridge the divide between where they look for candidates and where those candidates look for jobs.

“Finding the right talent is increasingly on the C-suite agenda, so a proactive approach to social and referral technology will soon define the success that any HR professional can enjoy.”

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