Talent management strategy | The missing ingredient in nearly every internal mobility solution

The missing ingredient in nearly every internal mobility solution

There’s no shortage of evidence that internal mobility is a hot topic right now.

IBM’s Smarter Workforce Institute reported that four out of five HR professionals worldwide say that internal recruitment is an important part of their talent management strategy. And LinkedIn's 2021 Workplace Learning Report found that 51 percent of L&D professionals thought that internal mobility is more of a priority now than before COVID-19.

If you’re in the middle of designing or implementing an internal mobility strategy, you’ve probably found there’s a huge range of vendors offering to help – everyone from your HCM system provider, to the more advanced talent acquisition platforms and talent management suites are offering skilling and talent marketplace solutions.

These tools provide you with the core infrastructure that is the foundation of internal mobility; but we believe they all miss one vital ingredient: they lack the tools to get your employees ‘market ready’ to make an internal move.

Why market readiness is important for internal mobility

Even though other solutions talk about how accurately they can match employees to internal roles, and how easy it will be for internal recruiters or hiring managers to see who could move where, they don’t take into account the fact that the employee still needs to land the job.

The perfect employee for a new internal assignment is almost certainly going to have to showcase their suitability somehow and have a conversation with the hiring manager before both parties commit to the move. This essentially requires something that looks like a CV and interview – and your employee may be completely unprepared for both.

There’s another factor that could derail your goals to drive more internal mobility: external candidates.

If your employee is going up against external candidates who have a freshly prepared CV and recent interview experience, the hiring manager may very well be swayed to opt for one of the shiny new external candidates.

That’s why Randstad RiseSmart’s internal mobility solution includes all of our tried and tested market readiness tools from our years of experience providing career transition coaching, such as a CV builder, video interview prep and even templates for cover letters and internal networking requests.
There’s another key differentiator that we think is vital in getting your employees market ready for new internal assignments: one-to-one career coaching.

How career coaching transforms an internal mobility tool

Having an external coach dedicated to supporting you to present your best self for an internal move (which not every line manager is inclined to do) and advise you with CV and interview tips for your specific career goal, can make a huge difference to your confidence – especially if you’ve not changed jobs for a long time.

Where career coaching can really transform how engaged your employees are with an internal mobility platform, is what happens when someone doesn’t get the role they dreamed of.

A line manager, or even an internal mentor, may not be equipped to help an employee deal with that kind of rejection. A skilled career coach is far more likely to help them process any feedback, learn from the experience and enable them to pick themselves up and refocus on their next career goal.

No matter how clever a tech solution for internal mobility is, you have to give your employees the tools to land their next assignment – and the resilience to cope if it doesn’t work out first time.

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