Talent Management | 5 Actionable Tips For Staff Retention

5 Actionable Tips For Staff Retention

At our recent UK Workforce Management Day, eduMe founder and CEO Jacob Waern outlined some stellar staff retention tips.

Jacob knows his stuff: eduMe provides deskless staff with seamless, on-the-job access to relevant knowledge. Brands including Uber, Marriott and Vodafone use it to boost retention, productivity and engagement (it can be integrated with Quinyx tools too).

Read on for his top advice that can be actioned TODAY.

1.Nail the onboarding process

Astonishingly, research shows that 20% of new hires don’t show up for their first shift, and the same proportion will leave after their first 45 days.

How you onboard new team members really matters – done right, it can have a big impact. Following effective onboarding, seven out of ten employees say they would stay for more than three years.

Onboarding shouldn’t be limited to an employee’s first day or first week. Ideally it’s a longer process that includes a warm welcome to the company, induction practicalities and any initial relevant training. This should then be followed up on an ongoing basis, with regular check-ins to see how the new recruit is getting on and inviting them to give feedback.

2.Offer continuous development opportunities

Statistics reveal that around half of all deskless workers will move to another frontline role for more learning opportunities this year. Quinyx’s own State of the Deskless Workforce study found that younger ‘Gen-Z’ workers are being offered fewer training and education opportunities than older colleagues, and around a third quit their roles last year as a result.

In the current jobs market, deskless staff have countless job opportunities available to them, yet most would like to stay where they are for three years or more. However, they need to know they have the opportunity to develop, or they’ll walk.

3.Give your workforce a voice

Did you know you’re five times more likely to perform at your best if you feel you’re being listened to? Unfortunately, the Quinyx State of the Deskless Workforce report shows that many frontline staff believe their contributions are falling on deaf ears.

More than one in four (29%) believe that improved communication between management and employees would increase their motivation, but almost half (46%) feel that any feedback they give isn’t listened to.

Effective two-way communication is crucial: staff will be more likely to feel that they belong, and less likely to look elsewhere. This means acknowledging them on great work and allowing them frequent opportunities to speak up – both of which can be taken care of via workforce management apps.

4.Take advantage of technology

Speaking of apps, for a huge 78% of the deskless workforce, technology is an important factor when choosing a job.

Yet although the tech to help and engage deskless staff is widely available, take-up appears slow. Three quarters of frontline workers say they want mobile training, but only 14% currently receive it; Quinyx data identifies that a similarly small number are using apps to swap shifts and have more ownership of their schedules.

Given the struggle of most sectors in filling vacancies right now, a company’s tech offer could be a deal-breaker for potential new recruits. Use it – or you could lose out.

5.Stand out from the crowd

Gone are the days when a dream job meant fast-track promotion and a huge payrise. We know career progression is essential, and competitive wages matter too, of course. But for today’s deskless workforce, they’re not the be-all-and-end-all.

Two thirds of employees value working for a company with a mission they believe in, over one that pays more. Concerningly, 75% say they don’t completely trust their organisation to be transparent.

The stats point to a need for businesses to consider their position in the wider landscape and – without wanting to sound like a Hollywood movie - be true to themselves.

Advice to business owners? Check your mission statement. Refine it, if necessary. Stick to it. Shout about it. Values differentiate your brand from everyone else,and can be another deal-breaker in the race to recruit and retain great staff.

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