Culture | 3 tips to transform internal communication and battle the 'pingdemic'

3 tips to transform internal communication and battle the 'pingdemic'

There are times when the saying “one step forward and two steps back” feels like it was coined specifically for all of us working in HR.

Right now, feels exactly like one of those times.

Restrictions might be easing but all sectors are facing a new crisis in the form of the ‘pingdemic.’ Staff shortages are rife, supermarket shelves are empty and absence rates are soaring as thousands of workers are being forced to self-isolate.

As well as dealing with staff shortages and absences, HR departments across the land are frantically trying to recruit more staff. It’s a perfect storm, and clear, effective communication is going to be crucial for business to navigate a path through it to calmer waters.

Communication is the lifeblood of an organisation. It’s essential for building strong relationships across all levels of the business, keeping productivity high and bringing clarity to workers in confusing and complex times.

Here’s our top tips to transform internal communication and steer a steady ship through the rest of 2021 and beyond:

1. Embed communication into your culture

Having strong, robust, open, honest, and transparent internal communication is one of the most important things for any business. When there’s uncertainty - like there is at present - the last thing your employees want is a communication vacuum.

In times like these, not communicating enough can be one of the most detrimental things you can do to your business. Communicate regularly with your workforce - at a time and in a place where they want to hear from you - to build a culture of internal communications. If there’s one thing your employees want, it’s to be kept in the loop. With all the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought, you don’t want to be the one contributing to more question marks. You need to listen, act and be the guiding star your staff so desperately need.

2. Keep your finger on the pulse

Check on how your staff is feeling and offer two-way communication. Pulse surveys are a great solution to anonymously gather information about your employees’ thoughts and feelings. They are quick, simple and highly effective. They allow you to get live feedback from your workforce, drive engagement across your organisation and identify trends and challenges before problems arrive.

This quick and efficient way of communication shows your employees you care about their opinions, feelings and concerns - and that you’re willing to act on them.

3. Make communication simple

Communication should be as simple and straightforward as possible. Imagine if an employee is forced to self-isolate and you need to find someone to cover their shifts. You need to have a process in place where you can easily solve this. Who wouldn’t want this to be done with the click of a button rather than having to phone around or message countless employees through a multitude of different apps?

A WFM tool can transform this process for you. In the scenario above, you open up the shift through an app - employees who match the criteria and are available will be notified - and they can fill the open shift. This saves time, and only the employees who actually can work will be notified.

The same app can be used for messaging, task management, and even the pulse surveys mentioned earlier. With everything in one place, it’s maximum results for minimum hassle - both for you and your employees.

Why not see for yourself how a WFM tool can transform your communication?

Communication is never ‘done.’ It requires constant work, attention and refinement. We find the companies who have the best culture of communication are always the ones who perform the most successfully.

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