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Building the case for investing in tech training and talent
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COVID-19 delivered the most extraordinary transformation in our way of working and living that we will ever experience.

But alongside the race to enable colleagues to work remotely and enable customers to consume services digitally overnight, something else was happening. With more than 80% of companies now investing or planning to invest in emerging technologies, business leaders were systematically learning from thousands of every day innovations borne out of the lockdown experience.

With first-hand experience of both employee and customer appetite for change, business leaders have emerged with a genuine understanding of the art of what is possible. However, recent findings from QA have found that today’s business leaders believe the impact of the global pandemic will wage on. In fact, statistics indicate that 82% of UK-based business leaders expect the economic impact of Covid-19 to be more severe than the global financial crisis of 2007/08.

Due to this, companies across the UK are leaning on new technologies to transform their business, to enhance their capabilities and to invest in better training for their staff, with the aim of also attracting new talent. This is replicated in QA data as it found that more than 80% of companies are investing or planning to invest in emerging technologies.

But with this of course comes more change. Several studies have alluded to the benefits of remote working and the fact that more staff want to continue working from home since the pandemic took hold. However, with workplaces gradually opening up, and the encouragement from Boris Johnson to get people back on the high street, it looks like many businesses will adopt a hybrid working model in the coming months in order to cater for remote work and a physical workplace setting. QA also found that 69% of employees expect the frequency of remote working to change at their organisation over the next five years, indicating that the way employees work could continue to evolve.

With the June 21st date approaching – this is the date that the Prime Minister has earmarked as the day in which many lockdown restrictions will be eased – we may start to find out what the future of work looks like very soon.

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