Progression | How to break through your career ceiling

How to break through your career ceiling

There are several key stages in a typical career trajectory. Each stage presents its own challenges that can sometimes make the notion of progressing to the next level appear too difficult. But, with the right support, you can overcome these challenges to break through your career ceiling and fulfil your full potential.

To break through each career stage, it’s useful to adopt a reflective approach so that you can tackle issues before hitting a bump in the road to success. However, you should avoid naval gazing at all costs as too much introspection can lead to shortsightedness and a failure to take account of external factors.

This is where working with an executive coach can really help you to move to the next level. As part of a structured career coaching programme, an executive coach creates a safe space to assert the necessary challenge that will facilitate high-quality thinking. In this type of environment, you’ll feel more able to explore your motivations and goals as well as having a chance to address any limiting beliefs and obstacles that might be getting in the way of your progression. An executive coach can really add value by helping you to turn this analysis into stretching yet achievable plans and then, critically, hold you accountable for what you do.

Breaking Through Each Career Stage

As a NEW STARTER, you’ll firstly focus on establishing yourself. You’ll benefit from exploring how you view your current skills in relation to your new job and its organisational context. Secondly, by developing a longer-term vision of what your career will look like, you’ll be in a better position to recognise your successes as well as when you’re veering off track.

When you’re in CAREER CONSOLIDATION mode, it will be beneficial to develop an understanding of whether you need to update your competencies and skills or hone new skills for possible future roles. Establishing a strong training and development plan will help you to maintain your career momentum.

When PREPARING FOR CAREER ADVANCEMENT, it’s time to start considering what opportunities exist inside the organisation and which stakeholders can provide relevant support. This might also be the right time to decide whether a change of direction is appropriate, so having the right support will be essential.

If you’re on the cusp of a significant CAREER TRANSITION resulting from an extended period of leave, redundancy, or simply a desire for change, you will benefit from exploring new pathways, flexible working, mentoring options or opportunities outside of your current organisation. Re-establishing a sense of control will be important at this stage and you may also need help with job applications and interview skills.

However, when you start to experience CAREER STAGNATION you need to act fast and take the time to let go of any unhelpful beliefs that might be holding you back, focusing instead on what will help you to re-engage with what you are doing - before it’s too late.

Even if you are on the TALENT MANAGEMENT radar, it’s important to retain a sense of what you want rather than allow yourself to be pushed one way or another. It’s vital that you get underneath your motivations and expectations to develop an understanding of what keeps you engaged in your career. You’ll also benefit from knowing more about the organisation’s talent management and succession planning processes so that you can set highly relevant development plans and enlist the support of key stakeholders in your career.

Remember, LEADERSHIP is not a destination; usually becoming a leader is just the beginning of a new journey with different challenges. When you land your first leadership role you’ll quickly come to realise that you need a new set of skills if you want to move through the senior ranks of leadership. So, even as a leader, it’s important to take the opportunity to learn from your past mistakes and successes and understand what skills and support you’ll need to flourish.

Ultimately, if you want to break through your career ceiling and achieve your career goals, a structured career coaching programme, set in an organisational context and facilitated by expert executive coaches, is the perfect way to achieve this. So, wherever you are in your career journey, why not find out more about how career coaching can benefit you and your organisation?

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