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Can You Afford to Ignore This Easy Way To Increase Productivity By 60%?
Promoted by Can You Afford to Ignore This Easy Way To Increase Productivity By 60%?

Despite some very minor signs of improvement, UK productivity still remains woefully poor. Even recent signs of growth have been attributed to fewer hours being worked rather than increased output. Whatever steps UK organisations are taking to turnaround productivity it seems that they are not having the desired impact quickly enough.

But, can we really afford to wait?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond has suggested that the productivity challenge is at the heart of much of the “disaffection with our politics and society” and that an uplift in productivity could “put right many of the challenges that we are facing across our society.”1

More from Notion:

Mr Hammond has already blamed poor performing managers for the £84 billion productivity loss, a view backed by the Office of National Statistics who stated there was a ‘significant correlation between management practices and labour productivity’ reporting that each 0.1 increase in their “management score” is associated with a 9.6% increase in productivity.

With such a lot at stake, organisations must act fast to increase management capability and close the productivity gap.

A herculean challenge? We don’t think so because we have proven that it’s possible to increase productivity by 60% in one simple step.

For almost two decades we have been helping our clients, most of whom are household names and feature in the FTSE 500, to improve engagement, performance and productivity in their organisations. Our programmes transform leader and manager behaviour in a way that improves innovation, ownership and accountability which has an amazing impact on productivity. Here are some of the results we typically see:



Quicker problem solving

£4 million

Quicker project delivery

£1 million

Better issue resolution


Better negotiation

€1-2 million

More efficient processes


Lower annual sickness


Just one striking example resulted in increased revenue of £250,000 for the company contributing to an early return on investment of 5 times the entire programme cost.” HR Director, National Express

We can now deliver these results faster and more flexibly than ever before with our new, revolutionary 100% virtual, fully blended management development programme STAR® Manager. STAR® Manager is a game changer and has already proven that it can achieve massive uplifts in productivity within just a few months.

All it takes is one simple action - choose STAR® Manager and let the results start flowing.

Organisations that have launched STAR® Manager are already seeing a 60% INCREASE IN PRODUCTIVITY.

Imagine what could happen if organisations leveraged this level of improvement in every one of its managers - productivity would rocket to unparalleled levels.

That’s why STAR® Manager is carefully designed so that it can be easily scaled up to thousands of learners, in a very cost-effective way, while still meeting the individual needs of the manager. And, the results keep on coming for our clients long after the programme, with uplifts in engagement, performance and productivity generating impressive returns on the original investment.

Moreover, when STAR® Manager is scaled up it can help organisations reach that all important tipping point that changes the prevailing culture of the organisation resulting in long-term and sustainable productivity.

STAR® is already making a difference in the financial and professional services sector, in retail, hospitality, logistics and in academia. Could it make a difference to productivity in your organisation too? What are you waiting for? Take this one simple step and find out for yourself.

Call us now to book a complimentary consultation to learn how STAR® Manager can increase productivity in your organisation.



Notion is a global expert in behaviour change. To find out more about how STAR® Manager can help to increase productivity in your organisation call us now for a free consultation or click here to find out more.

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