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Don't Miss Out On This Quick Win To Improve Employee Engagement By 47%
Promoted by Don't Miss Out On This Quick Win To Improve Employee Engagement By 47%

Employee engagement is at an all-time low. This isn’t a country, region or sector-specific problem - it’s affecting all organisations across the globe and it’s been at the top of most HR agendas for a while now. So what are we doing about it?

The easy way out is to pay lip service to the issue and point the finger at troubling economic and political issues like Brexit or the ‘Trump effect’ and other volatile and complex issues that are beyond our control. Or, we could look inwards and start thinking about what we CAN do to reverse the problem.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you knew that you could take one action to improve employee engagement in your organisation right now, by 47%, would you do it? So why aren’t you? What’s stopping you? Maybe you recognise some of these objections:

“It takes too long to change people”

“People just don’t communicate”

“We haven’t got the budget”“We haven’t got the right people”
“Our leadership team isn’t on board”“We’ve tried before and it didn’t work”
“We are going through a lot of change already”“The company culture will never change”
“Our managers don’t know what else to do”“People keep leaving”

We can often get trapped by our own limiting beliefs. If we believe that a situation is hopeless then we are less likely to take action. But, if we challenge ourselves to reframe our reality so that we believe that change is not only possible but an absolute priority we are then ready to answer the question, “What has to happen in my organisation to improve employee engagement?”

If we told you we had the answer to this question, what action would you take?

We do have the answer! We have an easy to implement solution that delivers for you a 47% increase in employee engagement, and this result could be yours within 4 months from now.
For almost two decades we have been helping our clients, most of whom are household names and feature in the FTSE 500 to improve engagement, productivity and performance in their organisations. Our programmes transform leader and manager behaviour in a way that improves relationships, innovation, ownership and accountability which has a dramatic effect on how engaged employees feel.

We can now deliver these results faster and more flexibly than ever before with our new, revolutionary 100% virtual, fully blended management development programme STAR® Manager. STAR® Manager has already proven that it can achieve massive uplifts in employee engagement within just a few months. Better still, STAR® Manager is fully scalable and more cost-effective than most live programmes, so the results can keep on coming long afterwards.

Organisations that have launched STAR® Manager are already seeing a 47% IMPROVEMENT IN EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT.

STAR® is making a difference in the financial and professional services sector, in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, logistics and in academia. Could it make a difference to employee engagement in your organisation too? What’s stopping you from finding out?

Call us now to book a complimentary consultation to learn how STAR® Manager can transform employee engagement for you.

Notion is a global expert in behaviour change. To find out how STAR® Manager can help you to improve employee engagement in your organisation call us now on +44 (0)1926 889 885 or click here to find out more.

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