Leadership: Moving From Good to Great

Leadership: Moving From Good to Great

Leadership is the backbone of any organisation. Even if the organisation has talented employees and ample resources, without good leadership, it may not achieve the success it is capable of.  

Fortunately, whilst leadership does not come naturally to everyone it is a skill that can be developed.  But what is the one thing skill that separates the good from the great? Find out more here

Here are some examples of the skills Managers can build on to accomplish effective leadership:

Lead By Example

Role models are influential. When Managers lead with a positive example in their business approach, social skills or demeanour they are more likely to influence their teams to do the same.

Continuous Development Mindset

Being a good Leader is not the same as gaining a qualification; once you ascertain it, you have achieved it. Leadership skills need constant development depending on the changing structure of the Company, its employees and the economic climate. Managers that don’t become complacent or resistant to change are more likely to develop as effective Leaders.

Decision Making

This is often perceived as one of the key strengths of a good Leader; making the right decision at the right time. Procrastinating or lacking confidence in decision making may be seen as a weakness by others which may hamper the Managers’ credibility.  A good Leader will recognise when they need to take a decision (and do so with care and responsibility) as well as recognise when decisions can be shared and delegated.


Being a Leader can be like a roller coaster ride: there are highs and lows. However, whatever the outcome, a good Leader takes responsibility and shows willingness to embrace it. Recognising faults and working out how to avoid them in the future is more responsible than acting ignorant or passing the buck.


Sometimes Managers have a skilled business eye but lack people skills. They can fail to recognise the importance of rewarding success and efforts.  When Managers acknowledge and celebrate their team’s achievements, they reinforce a positive work environment and boost confidence, which can benefit an organisation tremendously.

Ability to Relinquish Control

Quite often Managers find it difficult to delegate and let their teams manage tasks and make decisions. But a good Leader does not need to manage every detail of the day-to-day running of the business. Managers who relinquish control, give ownership, empower others and delegate effectively will be in a much better position to lead.

Enquiry-Led Approach

All of the above characteristics are classic markers of good leadership but for Managers who are really interested in great leadership the one skill that they need to master is the ability to ask intuitive and powerful questions.

Global coaching experts Notion have spent almost two decades helping Leaders and Managers to adopt an ‘Operational Coaching’ style of leadership that is centred around their unique ‘Enquiry-Led Approach’; having repeatedly helped their clients deliver huge ROI within weeks of their development programmes, they know first hand how the act of enquiry can generate both social and commercial gains.

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Laura Ashley-Timms, Notion’s Coaching Director explains, “the widespread adoption of an ‘Enquiry-Led Approach’ is a game changer that drives increased engagement, performance and productivity and makes a huge difference to the overall leadership capability across an organisation.”

Notion is a global expert in behaviour change. For more information about how an ‘Enquiry-Led Approach’ can move your Leadership from good to great click on the button below or call us for an informal chat on +44 (0) 1926 889 885.

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