FTSE 100 firms recruiting more international CEOs

FTSE 100 firms recruiting more international CEOs

More FTSE 100 firms are hiring CEOs with international experience, although UK candidates do remain the first choice.

According to recruitment firm Robert Half, who conducted the research, the total number of UK CEOs leading FTSE 100 firms has slipped to 61 out of 100 companies.

This tallies with a hiring trend which, over the last three years, has seen 47% of appointments come from non-UK candidates.

Charlie Grubb, UK Managing Director at Robert Half Executive Search said it was obvious recruitment was taking on a global outlook.

He said: ““Globalisation is blurring geographic lines for mega-companies in the UK and abroad, and businesses with a global outlook will be tomorrow’s dominant players. Even in times of economic uncertainty and change, the UK’s largest listed companies can only benefit from an inclusive, broad-minded and global approach to problem solving. It is positive to see that this approach is also being addressed through succession planning.”

The research also found that increasing numbers of firms were hiring internally. 40 CEOs, on the Robert Half FTSE 100 Tracker, received their CEO position through internal promotion.

This has almost doubled since 2015 – when just 21 of the new CEOs appointed from within the organisation and indicates that loyalty and company experience are top values for a UK CEO.

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