3 career benefits to getting enough sleep

3 career benefits to getting enough sleep

In the macho corporate world and the upper echelons of many careers, when it comes to talking about sleep, it can sometimes feel as if less is worth more.

Margaret Thatcher, Nikola Tesla and Michelangelo are but three of history’s most famous insomniacs; all claiming that they could get by on just four hours. They’re not alone.

Anecdotally, many workers and business leaders around the world have suffered the braggadocio of machismo bosses and masochistic workers who claim to survive – nay thrive – on just a couple of winks per night.

However, whilst the myths surrounding these self-claimed sleep  might set appear to set alluring, if not impossible, standards for what hard work looks like, it seems obvious that they’re not healthy.

In the short-term, lack of sleep can impact a worker’s mood and impact productivity. More insidiously, long term sleeplessness puts an individual at risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Despite this, a recent survey found that only 11% of the UK workforce thought they were getting enough sleep - with stress and caffeine intake two of the most common reasons for this.

Professor Jim Horne, a sleep neuroscientist, spoke to Executive Grapevine, expanding upon the dangers a lack of sleep can cause.

“Most work situations require individuals to make critical decisions, remain focussed and complete tasks within a timely and efficient manner,” he said. “The longer a person is awake, the more likely their mood is to be negatively affected, as well as their willingness to take risks in the workplace. This could be cause for concern.”

With this in mind, it’d be worth positively reaffirming why getting enough knockout time is important.

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