Shocking hypocrisy in Donald Trump's recruitment rules

Shocking hypocrisy in Donald Trump's recruitment rules

Donald Trump isn’t renowned for his self-awareness nor his stringent recruitment processes.

In fact, his recruitment and staff retention rates are so questionable that during his first year as US President his White House, 35% of his top staff left – a statistics that would make earnest recruiters and resourcers shudders.

Hypothetically, if a search firm was involved in the recruitment of these staff, the client would be ringing you up to let your services go – or, at the very least, question the value you’re adding.

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It’s also obvious that Trump favours his family when it comes to giving out top jobs. Rather than employing advisors with intimate experience of Government he has given coveted remits to his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner. His sons also manage his business.

However, reports have surfaced that Trump has forbade staff at his latest Las Vegas hotel giving top jobs to family members.

The Independent are reporting that in the hotel’s handbook, it says: “While Trump International Hotel Las Vegas does not wish to deprive itself of the services of potentially valuable associates by establishing a policy excluding the employment of relatives, it must be acknowledged that such employment can result in the appearance of a conflict of interest, collusion, favouritism, and other undesirable work environment conditions.

“Therefore, management reserves the right to limit the employment of relatives in situations within the company if a conflict of interest is deemed to exist.”

The handbook bars relatives from working “under the direct or indirect supervision of a relative”, as well as prohibiting relatives from working “in situations that create the possibility of conflicts of interest”.

Whilst this represents gross hypocrisy, it could also prevent great hires being made.

What do you think? Is this an unfair recruitment demand considering Trump’s structure? Tell us in the comments…

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