Bite-sized learning - why it adds value

Bite-sized learning - why it adds value
Bite-sized learning - why it adds value

The smartphone has a lot to answer for. The multi-tasking beast has transformed our behaviours, habits and routines given the handy apps, social tools and abundant access to mobile enabled sites.

We can contact our personal networks, search for information, listen to music and watch videos quickly and effortlessly, in bite-sized chunks of time.

Popular streaming platforms like Netflix, NowTV and Amazon Prime, mean we’ve embraced the boxset binging trend with shows such as Breaking Bad, Stranger Things and The Walking Dead – 45-minute bite-sized bursts of tension.

The introduction of the Kindle means we can read in short, sharp bursts on the train, on the bus, on our lunch break – a lightweight, portable piece of kit with umpteen books at our disposal.

These bite-sized approaches adopted by consumers have become expected in the workplace – when it comes to our learning and development.

Why bite-sized learning adds value

We can add value to our self-development by learning in small chunks of time, the way in which we operate day-to-day.

This approach to learning isn’t new on the L&D scene but it is getting renewed attention of late as a dynamic and modern approach for learners. We live fast-paced lives so why is our approach to working, and learning, any different? The traditional model of a full day’s face-to-face training session is waning; it isn’t time or cost effective.

Here are our top three reasons as to why microlearning can add value to your people’s training and development:

1. Long days’ training are replaced with short bursts of delivery, so learners are in control of their learning and better retain what they have been taught. This way of learning grabs attention and provides bite-sized opportunities to close skills and knowledge gaps as part of day-to-day workflow.

2. Speed to competency is accelerated at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face training and microcontent is quick and cost effective to create.

3. Offering ease of access means microlearning is ideal for sales teams or those in differing locations or offices, on the road or at work, as well as remote/home workers. With the option of being able to access training materials via a smartphone and tablet you’re really cooking on gas.

Our real-time online training builds your staff capability and improves their business, communication and management skills. Over 100 MP4 video recordings capture our award-winning webinars delivered by our team of experts.  They are available 24/7 on demand and accessible via all devices, in convenient, bite-sized chunks of 30 minutes each.

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  • L&D Manager
    L&D Manager
    Fri, 4 May 2018 12:56pm BST
    Microlearning has its place, but it is NOT the answer to ALL training and development needs as this article suggests.

    I think a more accurate description would be micro-education, as it is great at instilling the sort of factual information people used to get from reading books or policy manuals and helping them remember these facts.