7 ways to fail in your new position

7 ways to fail in your new position

Starting a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience. You get a brand-new set of responsibilities, a team of colleagues you need to befriend, and a different culture to adjust to.

When it’s your first job, these fears can be even more intense. You could excuse young people just entering the world of work from feeling generally pretty down about the experience – but research shows the exact opposite may be the case.

According to a survey of around 1,000 students and new joiners, commissioned by KPMG, one in three (33%) have said they were pleasantly surprised by how much they are enjoying their first job, claiming they find it more rewarding than they anticipated before they started working.

Overall, the overwhelming majority (84%) of those who have recently entered the world of work said they enjoy it.

Justine Gregson, Student Programme Lead at KPMG said employers have the power to influence how new employees view the workplace.

“It is understandable that students can often feel anxious about what entering the world of work will really be like,” she said. “However, if employers provide a range of support and resources – as many already are – then individuals, regardless of background, can find it to be an enjoyable process, and in many cases more so than they first anticipated.”

One area new employees will be exposed to is training – however, not everyone finds it easy to adjust to a life of work. We’ve found the seven funniest stories about new trainees on Reddit, and the adorable, expensive and hilarious mistakes they made in their first few days.

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