Every little helps? Tesco workers awarded £1.52 voucher for battling snow

Every little helps? Tesco workers awarded £1.52 voucher for battling snow

Tesco workers were left feeling insulted after they were awarded a voucher worth £1.52 as a thank you for working through the recent treacherous conditions.

Employees working in Scotland’s distribution depot battled through the snow to deliver supplies to stores despite the red weather warning.

However, employees were less than impressed with the thank you – a staff meal ticket worth £1.52 and chocolates - describing the reward as “derisory and insulting”.

A Tesco Worker told the Sunday Mail: “The meal voucher is being seen as absolutely derisory and insulting. It has caused a real backlash within the warehouse.

“In some cases, the voucher didn’t even cover the cost of a meal. Meals range from £1.40 to £3.”

The disgruntled employee added that management dismissed worker suggestions that double time or time-and-a-half for should be offered to those who clocked in during the bad weather.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We are very proud of the efforts our Livingston colleagues made to continue to support stores following the recent weather disruption and as a little help to say thank you, colleagues were offered a free meal in their subsidised canteen.”

Tesco isn’t the only employer in Scotland dealing with HR quandaries following the heavy snow.

The Royal Mail in Scotland could face industrial action, amid claims staff were ‘penalised’ for failing to come to work during the severe weather.

Staff were told their pay would be docked or they could use annual leave if they couldn’t get to work in the snow – despite the Met Office warning people to travel only if it was necessary.

Gary Clark, of the Communications Workers Union, said that members who could not attend work were asked to take a day's annual leave, payback time or lose money.

“Our members are now being penalised basically for the first ever red warning in Scotland, where there was no travel advised,” he said.

A spokeswoman for Royal Mail said it has had no official notice of any ballot for strike action, adding that they have “a clear adverse weather policy for employees who are unable to get into work.

"Employees should, in the first instance, speak to their line manager about any issues. All employees are able to use annual leave or make up the time lost,” she said. "Employees can also, if they prefer, take unpaid time off if they are unable to attend work.

"If a site has been closed by the business or, because of disruption there is no work to be processed or delivered, employees would receive their normal pay."

If you’d like to read more about what rights your employees have, and what advice you should offer them in case of icy or snowy conditions, click here.

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  • Sir
    Tue, 13 Mar 2018 3:29pm GMT
    If you don't work you don't get paid - annual leave or the opportunity to work back the time through a TOIL arrangement notwithstanding.
    Pretty normal.
    What's all the hysteria about ?
    Are employers supposed to suddenly give extra days paid leave just because it snows ?

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