'Gimme a job': Is this the cheekiest candidate yet?

'Gimme a job': Is this the cheekiest candidate yet?

With record unemployment levels upping the stakes for today’s candidates, it’s important that they handle themselves in a professional and polite manner.

Unlike this mortified jobseeker, who sent a drunken email to her prospective boss, stating “Gimme a job.”

On a night out in Edinburgh, Kirsty Nicolson, 20, bumped into her potential boss, the Manager of Byron Burger, Gary Scott. They met in the nightclub, Opal Lounge, and soon the chat turned to work and Nicolson’s future plans. She explained that she was looking for a temporary job over the Christmas period, before going to Australia in January, and so they exchanged emails.

After conducting a mock interview in the club, eager to get a response from Scott, Nicolson sent him the message at 2.30am – still under the influence, which said: “Gimme a job??? Kirsty…from opal…:)"

Deadline News reports that Nicolson admitted she was “mortified.”

“My friend was the one who reminded me the next morning and we all had a good laugh. My mums going to kill me if she sees it.”

After telling Scott she was looking for a temp job, and that she was serious, he asked her to send her CV. “He was like ‘I’ll give you my email and you can send me your CV’ and then I ended up sending that,” the embarrassed Scot recalled. “I’ve had no reply from the email yet – I don’t think I’ll be getting one.” However, Byron Burger have said they would consider the candidate.

Deputy Manager, Emma Dixon, who received the email, said: “We all just kind of laughed. We actually get messages like that a lot.

“Of course we’ll reply. I don’t know if Gary’s offered anything yet so I will need to speak to him, but we might offer her a trial shift.

“We give everyone a chance.”

Whilst it’s important for recruiters to be open minded in their search – especially when the calibre of talent required is hard to come by – the method of communication is important.

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