Female workers 'blacklist' males in wake of abuse allegations

Female workers 'blacklist' males in wake of abuse allegations

A former assistant in the French parliament has claimed that female workers kept a verbal blacklist of MPs whom they regarded as potential sexual predators.

Marine Tondelier claims that women warned each other about MPs during coffee breaks, revealing there were certain ones that were known amongst the group – the BBC reports. Speaking to France 2 television she said that certain names "circulated among us - we knew we shouldn't get in the lift with them". She added: "There was a risk of them fondling your bottom, a risk of trouble.”

Tondelier helped former Minister and Green Party member Cécile Duflot in the past National Assembly, and she currently serves as Green Councillor in Hénin-Beaumont.

She went on to tell magazine L’Express that "there was a blacklist of guys with whom you couldn't take risks", and that advice was verbally passed around “in the canteen, in coffee breaks, in the evening".

The revelations come in the wake of the alleged abuse instigated by Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein toward women he encountered in his career. According to a New York Times investigation, Weinstein was accused of harassing female employees and aspiring actresses, including Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan, and covering up allegations for over nearly three decades.

Sexual abuse in the workplace is an issue that HR departments have been grappling with for years. David Southall, an employment law Consultant for the ELAS Group, explains the stance that business leaders and HR departments have to take in order to eradicate the abuse: "All employers should have an Equal Opportunities Policy,” and “should have clear and comprehensive Harassment and Grievance Policies. However, it is not sufficient just to have policies in place. Thought should be given to how comfortable employees would be raising issues which are potentially career ending, especially if they are made against a person in a powerful position.”

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