Five minutes with: Keren Chapman, VP HR, OKI Europe

Five minutes with: Keren Chapman, VP HR, OKI Europe

Keren Chapman, Vice President, Human Resources at OKI Europe, spoke to us about why keeping up with change is a priority – and the importance of HR in that journey.

What challenges do you expect within the next few months at OKI Europe?

The tech sector is such an exciting industry in terms of its growth and the constant innovation, but this is creating a huge requirement for new talent across the industry. A vital part of my role will be to ensure OKI remains an exciting and invigorating workplace for current and future employees as demand for new talent increases throughout the sector.

Do you have any special initiatives you plan on implementing?

I hope to lead the delivery of an organisation that is fit for the future; in terms of talent, performance, organisation development and leadership. I want the company to know that the HR team is absolutely a critical part of that success. I want to maintain the current energy, passion and engagement that our employees currently have throughout our organisation and ensure we have the right talent in the right places doing the right things to deliver the business objectives. Developing an in-depth understanding of the values that keep OKI’s workforce productive and engaged is key to achieving the organisation’s strategic goals.

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