Sainsbury's shelve HR in 2000 staff job cuts

Sainsbury's shelve HR in 2000 staff job cuts

In-store HR at Sainsbury’s is set to be hit by the retailer’s plans to axe 2000 jobs amid a price cut war with discount competitors Aldi and Lidl – The Guardian reports.

The grocery chain plans to restructure its HR departments, getting rid of 1,400 store-based clerks and another 600 in back offices.

Sainsbury’s, which employs about 119,000 full-time staff, is moving towards a centralised HR model as it overhauls current employment structures to save hundreds of millions of pounds. The changes to HR mean tasks like processing payroll will no longer be done in store.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “Following a comprehensive review, we are proposing some updates to our HR structures and systems, as well as changes to a number of other support roles. “This has been a difficult decision and we appreciate that this will be a tough time for those colleagues affected by the changes.”

Sainsbury’s is not the only retailer that is currently engaged with restructuring its workforce and shedding jobs, as part of wider cost-saving initiatives.

Tesco is losing 2,300 staff and thousands of Asda workers are also facing redundancy or dramatic cuts in their working hours.

Earlier this week, Tesco made headlines after a worker staged a rooftop protest after he was sacked for wrongly being accused of stealing. You can read more here.

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